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NEWS // Patient Stories


Spotlight Story: Will Price


May 2019

by James McLeod

“Will had many difficult times, but he never quit,” said Mr. Price, Will’s father.


Will Price is a person with non-verbal

Autism, and lost his left leg in an accident at

the age of 3.  When it came time for a

prosthetic limb, many problems arose due to the fact that Will could not communicate. 


“The most difficult thing was having to find a prosthetics team that would work with him slowly to make sure the prosthetic would fit correctly, and we found that at Buckner’s Prosthetics. We found that first with Mr. Marty and then with Mr. Stephen and Mr. Zachary,” said Mr. Price


Now at the age of 22, Will is as active as

ever.  “Swimming, helping clean, and

watching TV are some of the things he

enjoys,” said Mr. Price. He also enjoys his time at One Hope, a community-based

service provider for individuals with

intellectual and developmental disabilities. “Will comes 3 to 4 times a week and is free to enjoy life on his terms,” said Mr. Price.  


Will and Mr. Price have proven no matter the

challenge over the years, the never quit

attitude has stayed and kept them strong and






Spotlight Story: Jacqueline Spells

February 2019

by James McLeod



Jacqueline Spells is a lover of music and became a new member of the Buckner family when life decided to change the beat. She

began to experience a severe cramp  in her left leg that would not go away. After 21 surgeries to try an increase circulation, Jacqueline had to under-go a below-the-knee amputation.


The first months after her amputation Jacqueline said, “I wanted to get over all the depression and move forward.  I wanted to walk and run again.”


 Well she sure has conquered that challenge.  Jacqueline’s prosthetic journey began working with Richard Boleware and Rick Psonak.  “She had the best attitude and we wanted to help her get back to the things she loves like deer hunting,” said Richard. 


“We have come a long way together,” Jacqueline said. “Everyone is great and ready to help me achieve my goals. I am getting ready for my running leg. I’m determined to run again no matter what it takes.”


This determination keeps Jacqueline busy. From playing piano for 4 churches and promoting community involvement in the Delta, Jacqueline has proved she is a shining light to everyone who meets her.  


Through history people have strived to overcome adversity and strive in the passions they hold most dear. Jacqueline Spells has not only overcome her adversities but is an active part of her community to help others conquer their own challenges.




Spotlight Story: James Kelly

October 1, 2017

by Mary Ward

James Kelly walked through our doors for the first time in July. Mr. Kelly had visited us many times before, but he had been wheelchair bound until that day. This resilient chili enthusiast was beaming as he walked through our office for the first time since losing his leg in January.

Mr. Kelly has shown his strength and dedication from the day we met him. He first visited Buckner in March when he was wheelchair bound, but he quickly moved from the wheelchair to a walker. Once Mr. Kelly got the hang of using the walker, he moved almost immediately to using his prosthesis independently.

Now, Mr. Kelly is able to enjoy doing the things he used to do, such as cook his highly demanded chili for his friends and family. According to Mr. Kelly’s family, “You can never have just one bowl!” We are always excited to see our patients progress with their custom devices and enjoy a normal lifestyle once again. Way to go, Mr. Kelly! 

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